It’s a Party, They Call It SkaSjock!

SKASJOCK, it’s THE party in Groningen. Jan Buster, a great Friend and the man behind SKASJOCK, had an idea, a great one: release a compilation album of SKASJOCK, and IT became reality!

Together with 12 other great bands, we are on part NO 1! All bands on this album played at one of the SKASJOCK editions. The bands are:

The Toasters
Mark Foggo
Knight Susan
The Roosterz
Amsterdam Faya Allstars
Fabulous Fred and ‘Friends’
The Void Union
The Shakedown 8

We recorded a soulful reggae song for this album: L.I.A.R. (which you can order on Bandcamp as a digital download).

We are proud that we are part of this album, only available on vinyl. You can order it through mail, or by going to the Merch page and filling out the form on the website.


SkaSjock vinyls

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