The Journey Continues…

Dear friends and fans. In the months leading up to the release of our “Rougher Than Rough” album, we took you along on our journey and showed you some of the behind the scenes work that goes into writing, recording and producing an album. But the adventure doesn’t stop there…

Since the release of our album “Rougher Than Rough”, we have been working very hard on getting the message out there and adding distribution channels so more people can get to know our music. Not an easy thing to do for independent artists, but we have been very lucky to get so much support from all of you! Every comment, like or share on social media helps and is very much appreciated.

In addition to creating a buzz on social media, reviews and other press coverage in magazines and on websites for music lovers are also a huge help. We are very happy to report that Do The Dog Skazine has shown us some love in the November 2020 issue of their magazine. This is the world’s longest running ska magazine, made by and for ska lovers, and we were very honored and thankful to see our album release mentioned in their International News Section. Thank you, Do The Dog Skazine!

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If you don’t have our album yet, please check out the following online stores, go to the Merch page, or contact one of our band members:

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