Behind The Scenes… Part 2

Mixing our songs:

Let us take you with us on our biggest journey in this process: mixing our songs!

We can tell you, this is a really tough journey, just like life can be. Our album, our songs, really OUR songs. What is the best way to present them to you, and let you hear them exactly as they are supposed to be? That is the biggest challenge in mixing songs… you have to put a lot of effort into making clear what a song is all about. Every song on the album has its own story to tell…

You have to make the song, the sound, the musicians playing the instruments, tell that story… Mixing is all about listening to the story, and listening to the musicians telling the story. And then, you add effects, equalize the volume of the instruments, and decide where and how you put the instruments into the songs. It is all about making the songs tell the stories exactly how they should be told….a really heavy load. To make every song the best it can be and also form a connection with the other songs on the album!

People, we are proud to tell you that the mixing is almost done. Our first album is on its way! We can’t wait and we know you can’t either! But… it has to be perfect!!

Are you curious? Do you want an album on vinyl or CD? Please let us know!!

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