Behind The Scenes… Part 1

Recording our album:

Let us take you with us in the process of making our album. For those who don’t know what the process of making an album looks like, here’s a “behind the scenes.”

It starts with an idea, a vision, and then the selection of songs. The songs have to be ready and steady if you want the recording sessions to be as tight and productive as possible. Then, it is really helpful to plan a couple of pre-production days in the studio. With a pre-production you try a couple of different ways of recording. What kind of microphones are the best for your sound, and also how you are going to record the songs: every instrument individually, with a metronome, or simultaneously, with as many instruments as possible, with feedback on the mics. It is important to get the groove of the song, but you also want to be able to mix every instrument separately.

We decided to record our songs with as many instruments as we could: drums, bass, keys and rhythm guitar. Later on, a couple of days for lead vocals and backing vocals. Solos and percussion were the last to be added.

We hired a producer, who has a lot of knowledge of music, recording, and mixing, and who is not a member of the band himself. This really helped us make decisions about sounds and effects, and to make the process go faster as well as make the songs really sound the way they should.

After recording the songs, we had to mix them. We really are almost done! But that is another story.

Stay tuned for ‘behind the scenes, part 2: mixing

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