The Roosterz are a ska, reggae & rocksteady band from The Netherlands. They even won the purists’ hearts with their unique and quirky style; authentic with a modern twist. Soulska, as they would call it themselves. Musical soulfood, so to speak.

A lot has happened between their first gig (with The Shenanigans), their first EP and 2018. Beautiful festivals such as ReggaeFèr, Reggae For Africa, SkaSjock, Art Carnivale & Full Colour Festival. And thanks to a benefit hosted by St. Pauli footbalfans, The Roosterz were invited to play at the Anti-Racism World Cup 2010 edition in Belfast (N. Ireland).

More Roosterz audio can be found on a couple of compilation albums: Reggae For Africa, Skannibal Party 10 & 13 (#13 with Dilana (USA/SA) – No Plain Jane). You might want to polish your shoes for some heavy soulska stompin’…!

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